Anesthesia & Pain Management

Anesthesiology & Pain Management at Patel Hospital provides expert anesthesia care for the full spectrum of medical and surgical indications, seen at a major tertiary care academic institution:

  • General intraoperative care is divided by into procedure-related areas: cardiovascular and thoracic, neurological, genitourinary, general, otorhinolarygologic (ENT), orthopedic, and gynecologic.
  • Anesthesia during childbirth.
  • A separate Day Surgery Unit facilitates management of patients who will return home the day of surgery. Some short therapeutic procedures or diagnostic studies such as special X-rays need the presence and special skills of an anesthesiologist.
  • Pain management services for both acute and chronic pain are also provided by anesthesiologists with special qualifications in this area.
  • Patients care in the Medical, Surgical, Burns and Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Units.
  • The residency program for FCPS and MCPS training has been enhanced with appropriate clinical assignment and educational curriculum.
  • Excellent educational opportunities for medical and health professionals, whether they are anesthesiologists, resident trainees, interns, medical students or paramedical staff.
  • The Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management has been involved in the collaborative and interdisciplinary research on problems relevant to the practice of anesthesiology

Dr. Navaid Akhtar – FFARCS (IRL), DA (UK)

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